The fast to be furious: The Bruce Edition



Who says moms are the best multi-taskers?

When Libertarian crusader and perennial "Best Of" Public Fool winner Douglas Bruce shows up to a City Council meeting he's armed and ready to hit as many birds (read: Councilors and city staff) as possible with one stone.

Take yesterday.

Sure the obvious task-at-hand for Bruce was defending his latest voter-approved measure, Issue 300, from being legislated out of existence. But, you know, so long as he was there, he might as well take a stab at the Development Review Enterprise ("an illegal enterprise" according to Bruce), complain bitterly being "lynched" for petitioning in the last election, whisper sweet nothings into Gazette reporter Daniel Chacon's ear, and accuse the city of not properly fining the "No on 300" issue committee for mistakes on its campaign filings.

Nevermind that Bruce and friends never reported any of their campaign expenditures for the "Yes on 300" campaign, completely ignoring the public's right to know by hiding behind a loophole in the law.

Anyways, Bruce claims that the folks that opposed him should have been given the maximum fine — $500 — for knowingly violating campaign finance law.

In response to past complaints by Bruce, the "No on 300" campaign was fined $100 by City Clerk Kathryn Young because it was a day late turning in one report, and because it failed to report one expenditure, which was corrected.

Young says she didn't fine more because she did not believe the mistakes were purposeful, and both were corrected quickly.

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