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Though it's as closely associated with Colorado Springs as praying-out-the-gay, the history of The Broadmoor Hotel remains a mystery to some people. A new place on the Facespace hopes to change all that.

Broadmoor History is a fan page on Facebook — administered by Broadmoor archivist Beth Davis and director of communications Allison Scott — that plans to continue offering a deeper look into the history of our famous pink landmark.

Taken just after construction was completed, June 9, 1918.
  • Taken just after construction was completed, June 9, 1918.

Though required to "fan," Facebook membership is not required to view the page's content, which includes this gem:

Legends linger about what prompted Penrose to build The BROADMOOR. Some people said Spencer built the hotel out of spite after the Antlers’ management rebuked him for riding his horse into the bar. Others believed he and MacNeill built the hotel so they could hire their friend William Dunning, who had been fired as hotel manager at the Antlers. They said the little A in BROADMOOR was intended to insult the Antlers. That styling also created a name that could be trademarked because “Broadmoor” had already been copyrighted.

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