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Colorado Springs police will beef up their presence downtown on New Year's Eve in an effort to both make things safe and, it seems, call attention to the fact it hasn't been that safe in recent weeks.

From a CSPD press release:

A number of serious assaults, stabbings and shootings have been chronicled in the recent weeks that have a direct nexus to the DTA and liquor establishments in that area. Some examples of these criminal events that should be considered when making your News Years Eve plans are:

· On November 1 at 12:47AM, officers responded to a shooting in a parking lot at Tejon and Cimarron Street. Investigation revealed a fight had occurred inside Sodo Bar located at 527 S. Tejon St and spilled out onto the street where a male was shot twice. No arrests have been made.

· On November 14 at 1:57AM, officers responded to a large disturbance at 13 Pure located at 217 E. Pikes Peak Ave. Investigation revealed that a male received a fractured skull when he was allegedly assaulted by an employee of the bar. One arrest has been made in this incident.

· On November 29 at 2:04PM, officers responded to a large disturbance in the street in front of 13 Pure. Investigation revealed that 2 males had been stabbed during a fight that spilled into the street near Nevada Ave and Pikes Peak Avenue at bar closing. No arrests have been made.

· On December 6 at 2:02AM, officers responded to a shots fired call at 13 Pure. Investigation revealed that a male who had just left 13 Pure was driving though a parking lot near Weber St. and Pikes Peak Ave adjacent to the bar when shots were fired, and his vehicle was struck by a bullet that narrowly missed himself and the two (2) other occupants. No arrests have been made.

If that doesn't make you feel safe going out tonight, what will? Of course, owners of the club 13 Pure say it's troublemakers from outside their club who are to blame for all the violence.

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