Plan your garden now



If you're the backyard type and already feeling antsy about being stuck inside the rest of winter, remember there is some work you can do on your garden now without actually bundling up.

Mainly, planning your garden for next season. Which crops will you rotate? Where should you amend the soil? Should you try out new greens or veggies?

If you're the visual type thinker/planner, consider using this handy square-foot garden calculator.


You basically drag and drop items into the grid, and afterward, the site will provide printable planting instructions such as how many seeds or plants to plant per square, which represents a 12-by-12-inch area.

Larry Stebbins of Pikes Peak Urban Gardens says "Some of the pre-calculated spacings are bit tight for some of the veggies (in my opinion) such as tomatoes, squash and broccoli. [But|, overall it is handy."

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