DIY fermentation and more



I was recently sent a DVD screener called Cook Your Way to Wellness by Burlington, Colo.-based Maria Atwood, a chapter leader for the Weston A Price Foundation, a nonprofit based around nutrition and healing.

Atwood runs her own Web site, where you can order a copy of the disc and obtain information on foods that supposedly restore health for a variety of ailments.

I'm not intending to advertise for her or to provide critical analysis of the tutorial disc (which she's the first to admit is pretty amateur), but it's a great introduction to a handful of food-prep techniques that curious foodies will probably appreciate.

Learn to make your own Kombucha tea, kefir and whey, and then use the byproducts to lacto-ferment items such as veggies, grains and nuts. If you're a person who already gardens, grows your own sprouts or does any raw food dieting, you'll probably dig this.

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