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Anyone who has ever taken Art History 101 has probably heard a lecture about the Golden Mean, a ratio that occurs in mathematics, physics and nature which is about two-thirds of the way between two points and represents a constant measure of beauty and balance. The mean was discovered by artists during the Renaissance as a proportion to give a work of art symmetry.

But for the struggling artist who can't figure it out on his or her own (as in, with a ruler or just eyeing it), comes an answer. The Golden Mean Finder is a compass that adjusts to the perfect 1 to 1.62-ish ratio of distance that makes a work of art sing.

Designed and patented by an artist, the Golden Mean Finder is an economical device that requires no mathematical calculations, is convenient, fast, and simple to use. It fits easily into an artist’s paint box or a student’s backpack.


  • Golden Mean Finder

In action:

  • Golden Mean Finder

  • Golden Mean Finder

Call me a purist, but with a price of $39.95, a tool like this isn't going to squeeze the da Vinci out of anyone.

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