Push Don't Play



I know. I’m feeling it, too. Push Play, the Radio Disney sensations who spoke so movingly in our 60 Seconds interview last week, have canceled tonight’s show at the Black Sheep. Shortly after screaming “Why, God, why?” we consulted the band’s Twitter feeds to find out, you know, why.

I spilled syrup on my phone ...
tweets vocalist CJ Baran,
and it’s sticky.
Even so, there must be more to it than that. Let’s try one of CJ’s bandmates.
I’m about to wet my pants!
declares bassist Nick Deturris, always one to put a zany, madcap spin on even the most distressing situation.

Finally, our visit to Push Play’s collective Twitter account reveals the sad truth:

We are SO sorry The Mystery Machine broke down & we can’t get the part to fix it until later today. We have to cancel today & tomorrows shows
It may take weeks, months, even a year or two, but rest assured, they will be back. Of course, by that point, their audience will surely have outgrown them.

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