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Over the past few years, you've likely noticed a business boom in the gluten-free foods industry.

Beyond those suffering from celiac disease, many people with allergies and others who're simply faithful to the natural-food section of their local supermarket have bought goods lacking in this protein found naturally in several grains.

In recent Indy review visits, such as to the now-defunct Garlic Jim's, Mangia Mangia! and Rasta Pasta, we noted gluten-free alternatives to things like pizza dough and noodles.

Today, I heard from the owners of a North Carolina-based company called Custom Choice Cereal, which allows customers to blend their own GF cereal mixes. Starting with a base of granola, corn flakes or flax-, buckwheat-, quinoa- and amaranth-enriched corn flakes, you add dried fruits and nuts such as blueberries, pineapple, macadamia nuts and almonds.

Favorite blends on the site cost around $8 per bag plus shipping ($4.50 for the first bag, $1 each additional bag). Customized bags go up around 1 ounce in weight per ingredient added ($.39 to $1.49) to the 12 ounces of base grain ($4.49 to $4.99).

A cool finish to the process: Name your mix and they'll print it for you on the bag.

Some possible monikers guaranteed to keep pesky roommates from eating your special GF cereal:

1) Super Laxative Plus

2) H1N1 Crunch

3) Gluten Yum-Chunks

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