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A new commercial created for Breckenridge Brewery by Denver-based Cultivator Advertising and Design spoofs a nearly ubiquitous Coors Brewing Co. ad that ran locally through 2006.

The old commercial featured Pete Coors walking along a river, touting Coors' Rocky-Mountain-ness. Breckenridge took a similar route, which caught the attention of the New York Times:

"[The new commercial] will look familiar to Coloradans, since it opens with snowcapped mountains and the text, “Somewhere near Breckenridge, Colorado.” But after this spokesman — the head brewer Bob Harrington, pitching the brewery’s Lucky U India pale ale — says the beer is brewed with “real Colorado water,” he points to a nearby stream and adds, “Well, not this water — do you know what bears do in here?”

While Coors was not reached for comment, it seems safe to say its reps would understand the reference.

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