Wi-Fi resurrection



OK, not exactly earth-shattering news, but for downtowners who like to overstay their welcome by staring into cyberspace while taking up valuable real estate in their favorite neighborhood café, the Poor Richard’s emporium's return from the 20th century should come as welcome news.

The café/restaurant’s wireless service went dark back in November when, according to a Rico’s barista, Qwest contacted them with grave concerns about illegal downloading taking place on the premises. By shutting down their Wi-Fi connection for a few weeks, the café managed to forestall the prospect of an armed R.I.A.A. swat team descending upon Tejon Street.

By now, the nefarious downloaders have most likely relocated their dastardly operation to some distant, unsuspecting town, from which they’ll no doubt resume their fleecing of the entertainment industry, threatening already precarious profit margins. Meanwhile, the rest of us can go back to judiciously sipping our long-since-cooled coffee drinks until the laptop battery runs down.

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