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As a follow-up to this week's Nocturnal Mockery story, here are some extras from my interview with featured artist Rafa Jenn.

On his provocative "Pin-Ups" series: “I had always been interested in the human form. In college, I think I had said that I would never — I was probably on some high soapbox — do anything that was close [to] or resembled pornography. I think you sort of absorb that being in art school, that there’s a big difference between art and pornography without even realizing it …

"In the United States, I think sexuality is kind of repressed. And so we come obsessed with it because it is repressed and there’s a super-strong undercurrent with pornography — like, the majority of the bandwidth we use is for pornography, but it’s rarely talked about. So I just decided to totally delve into it and check it out and this is what I came up with in the end, these racy images which seem pornographic, but aren’t quite pornographic.”

View the "Pin-Ups" and other works by Rafa on his Web site And when you're finished staring, check out his profile page for links to great image and design blogs like FFFFOUND! and

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