Unexpectedly Progressive



Shill alert: The following is written by a Progressive employee about an art show that's kick-ass all on its own.

Through the end of January, Progressive Insurance's call center on Voyager Parkway is hosting a traveling show curated by its corporate art department called About the Right of Being Different. As a handout reads, "[The show] asks us tough questions about the rules of our society, and it makes us culpable for the perpetuation of injustice and intolerance."

Though unfortunately not open to the general public, Being Different is worth highlighting because it continues the insurance company's track record of embracing diversity, recognized most recently by its win at the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation's media awards.

The high point has to be Brent Green's "Carlin," a video re-creation of his experience growing up with his diabetic aunt (available below). Overlaid with the emotion-filled story of his childhood, the piece is shot in his actual — now-dilapidated — home.

"Carlin" is an intensely powerful experience included in an unexpectedly bold show. Kudos to Progressive, and may it lead to more of its kind everywhere.

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