More mail ballots?



With participation numbers for support, along with a nod from state lawmakers, the El Paso County Commissioners are considering the possibility of a mail-ballot election in the Colorado party primaries scheduled for next August.

The idea already was approved during the 2009 Colorado General Assembly, allowing counties to make their own decision on how to run the 2010 primaries on Aug. 10.

Our county commissioners are asking for public comment to be submitted by next Friday, Dec. 18, with the decision to come at the commissioners' Dec. 29 meeting.

It's clear that the county prefers the mail option, much less expensive and time-consuming than putting together the people and facilities for a regular polling-place election. In a news release, county election manager Liz Olson says that most voters in every commissioner district prefer voting early, and she adds, "Mail ballot elections generally increase voter turnout and are the most secure and accurate way to conduct an election."

In other words, no voting machines.

Send your comments to the El Paso County Election Department, Attn: Liz Olson, Manager, PO Box 2007, Colorado Springs, CO 80901 or to

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