Yuletide Dylan abducted from YouTube



Sure, Bob Dylan’s Christmas album answered the perennial question, “What would it sound like if the most nasal voice in show business sang an especially goofy version of ‘Must Be Santa’?”

But the question of what he’d actually look like doing it remained unanswered.

Glad you asked. Dylan's video is actually pretty funny, in an I'm-grizzled-and-vaguely-insane kind of way. It features Bob and Santa cavorting with a houseful of drunken revelers, one of whom ultimately vacates the premises by violently crashing through a plate-glass window.

Unfortunately, this modern classic has already been pulled off YouTube by the all-powerful Web Sheriff. I can’t imagine who else would show the thing, but Bob Dylan does move in mysterious ways.

Anyway, as your Moment-of-Zen consolation prize, here’s a no-less-bizarre video of a gaunt Santa carrying what appears to be a Hefty® kitchen bag filled with Mylar balloons (Falcon Heene not included) while line-dancing to Dylan's "Here Comes Santa Claus":

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