Heat wave



I've enjoyed a relaxing cycle these last couple mornings: the alarm goes off, and then I'm slowly rocked back to sleep by the sonorous tones of business and school closings. It seems that our fair city is experiencing it's unfair share of icy wind — gusts up to 33 MPH — and freezing snow.

Though we've all weathered worse in our time on the Front Range, it certainly makes things interesting (that's what I call that floating feeling that so-often accompanies a 360-degree spin across I-25).

"We're out plowing and putting down anti-skid, and then we're having to go back and do it again because it's covered up," says Ken Winckler, operations manager for the city's Streets Division.

Winckler goes on to say that, currently, only primary and arterial streets are being plowed in 12-hour noon-to-midnight shifts; residential neighborhoods will have to wait for the six-inch accumulation point before seeing service.

Relief may be on the way, however: The temperature today has hovered around 5 degrees, with a "feels like" of minus-16. Now it's up to 7.

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