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After Texas showed it's not worthy, the college football world is looking for the right matchup to decide its national champion. Nobody is offering the best answer.

Since it's an imperfect system anyway, the Bowl Championship Series should be wishing for a big surprise today when its voters and computers spit out a No. 2 team to face Alabama, the uncontested No. 1, in the championship game.

Why not an Alabama-Florida rematch?

Granted, Alabama wouldn't like having to prove itself by beating the Gators again. But Florida, the defending champion, was No. 1 all season until losing Saturday. I'd suggest Florida still deserves another chance more than Texas, which needed two big breaks and instant replay to survive Nebraska. I'd also suggest that Florida should be No. 2 ahead of TCU or Cincinnati or Boise State, the other 12-0 teams.

Nobody set up a bracket and decreed that the Southeastern Conference title game was a national semifinal. So why does it have to be that way?

My vote, if I had one, would be Alabama first, followed by Florida, TCU, Texas, Cincinnati and Boise State. Nothing at all against TCU, and part of me would love to see Alabama-TCU because it's time to let the Mountain West Conference become one of the big boys.

We also could have a separate conversation about the dire need for playoffs, but we'll save that for another day. But don't you think America would love to see the Tide and Gators once again, with one last shot for Tim Tebow at the end of his remarkable career?


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