Stray Dog adopts Hagar axeman



Brian Flynn, sans Sammy
Unlike probably 90 percent of Thirsty Parrot patrons, I would gladly prove I can drive 55 in 25-mph Manitou, rather than endure a single moment of Sammy Hagar performing “Mas Tequila.”

So it feels kinda weird to be recommending folks head to the Pine Gables Stray Dog Saloon in Green Mountain Falls to hear the Brian Flynn Band. An ex-Coloradan in town for a family wedding, Flynn currently lives in Cabo San Lucas, where he's spent years playing in Hagar’s Cabo Wabo house band.

But while Flynn’s band echoes enough of the world’s oldest fratboy to please even the most tequila-soaked Hagar-ons (check the marimba part on “Sparrow”), his extended guitar parts also recall the best of Southern rock delivered with the “panache,” as Joe Bonamassa calls it, of ’60s Brit-rock heavyweights.

So if you want some Rossington-Collins and Deep Purple influences mixed in with your straight-ahead blues rock, you can catch Flynn, sans Sammy, for free tonight and tomorrow ’round about 8 p.m.

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