Trifecta bares it all onstage


When Penelope Mais Oui, one of the three performers that makes up Trifecta, told me about the women in her new burlesque collective — queer women over 40 with diverse backgrounds, families and bodies — I knew immediately that their stories would inspire.

The art of burlesque fascinates as much as it terrifies in today's beauty-centric society. Along with the vulnerability of nudity comes the vulnerability of sharing a piece of performance art that is entirely unique to one's own experience. It exposes the very bodies and sexualities society tells people to be ashamed of.

See what Mais Oui, Evangeline Cain, Chairmyn Meow and other LGBTQ burlesque artists have to say about burlesque and the queer experience in the latest issue of the Independent. In the meantime, get to know the women behind Trifecta.

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