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Opening this week

Freaky Friday (PG)
Jamie Lee Curtis attempts to salvage her career in this Disney kid flick. This remake of the '70s hit finds a stressed-out mother and an angry daughter switching places for a day. Zaniness ensues.

Carmike 10, Chapel Hills 15, Tinseltown, Cinemark 16

Starship Troopers (R)
The really bad movie that became a really bad cult hit. See it again, and wonder why you did, again.

Tinseltown: Friday and Saturday only, midnight

S.W.A.T. (PG-13)
The newest summer thrill ride follows a group of excessively attractive and multicultural SWAT team recruits from training to their first major Los Angeles assignment. Featuring Colin Farrell, Michelle Rodriguez, Samuel L. Jackson, big guns, explosions and techno-music.

Carmike 10, Chapel Hills 15, Tinseltown, Cinemark 16

Swimming Pool (R)
Charlotte Rampling plays a British mystery author vacationing in the South of France. Relaxing at first, her creative processes become unsettled by the increasing interactions with her publisher's daughter (Ludivine Sagnier) and her sexually frantic lifestyle.

Kimball's Twin Peak

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