Government shutdown kills Air Force-Navy game

Posted by Pam Zubeck on Tue, Oct 1, 2013 at 12:02 PM

  • Courtesy Air Force Academy

Football fans who follow the Falcons will have one less game to watch this weekend, and maybe beyond that. The Air Force Academy announced in a news release the team has been sidelined by the stalemate over the budget. 

The release:

At this time, travel for all intercollegiate athletics is cancelled - this includes the Air Force-Navy game on Saturday, 5 Oct.

The Air Force Academy Falcons will attempt to play all home intercollegiate athletic contests but those may be cancelled, as well. Academy officials are working with Mountain West Conference officials, those teams the Falcons were scheduled to play and officials at The Department of the Air Force to make up as many games as possible.

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Citizens for Renewed Confidence in the United States Congress

By signing this petition, United States Citizens are herein affirming their commitment to renewed confidence in the United States Congress, and thereby taking action to hold the United States Congress accountable to the American people to represent the citizens of the United States without personal interest or gain, political convenience, perpetuation of political office, and/or special privilege above that of other federal workers in matters of compensation, retirement, insurance coverage, and the Law applicable to all citizens. This action is taken insofar as the United States Congress has not been able to establish a budget by consensus of their respective Houses for several years, relied on continuing resolutions to avoid their legislative responsibility creating economic uncertainty for the general public, and with privilege required federal employees to bare salary and pay considerations that they themselves have not shared.
Since the United States Congress has demonstrated self-interest at the expense of the general electorate, and cannot be entrusted to do what is in the best interest of the American Public at large, Article V of the US Constitution is hereby amended to include Amendments to the United States Constitution by “popular (majority) vote” of the citizenry with the same weight and effect of Law as that reserved by the Houses and States. In so doing, the following Amendments are made to the United States Constitution:
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We the People of the United States have spoken.

This petition would appear on the White House website, but is now shut down due to the Shutdown Furlough.

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Posted by Interested Citizen on 10/01/2013 at 5:07 PM
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