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If you can believe what you read on Facebook, somebody isn't too happy about the recently announced branding of Colorado Springs.

A Rebrand the Springs Facebook page started up today, with this mission:

Our city just spent $111,000 for a branding exercise. We don't doubt that it was valuable, but most everyone is in agreement - the logo sucks. It doesn't reflect what Colorado Springs really is, unless we're all playing little league baseball circa 1993.

We're here to ask the Convention and Visitors Bureau to consider allowing LOCAL DESIGNERS to submit logos to replace the current one. It's our city, and we have exceptional talent. Give local designers a shot to make it right. We deserve better.

If you're going to brand us, don't screw it up!

And by don't screw it up, they probably mean don't spend a bunch of money on a slogan that could be (and is) applied to any old city.

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