Anti-62 rally disrupted by Denver activist

Posted by Ralph Routon on Thu, Sep 23, 2010 at 3:12 PM

Rosemary Harris Lytle speaks at the No on 62 rally Thursday.
  • Dennis Anaya
  • Rosemary Harris Lytle speaks at the "No on 62" rally Thursday.

The organizers billed it as a rally against Amendment 62, the "personhood" issue on Colorado ballots for the upcoming election that would give full constitutional rights to embryos from the moment of fertilization. But the event Thursday at the gazebo outside Pioneers Museum turned into a verbal confrontation between players on two sides.

Before people start labeling this as just another black mark on Colorado Springs, though, in fact the main culprit came from 70 miles north.

Bob Enyart, a Denver radio personality and pastor known for his extreme views and tactics, stationed himself near the gazebo stage, held up two "Yes on 62" signs and shouted incessantly, "You're killing kids," in an obvious effort to disrupt the program and speakers talking to the crowd of about 100 people.

His actions incensed many, but the speakers and former City Councilor Richard Skorman, who was serving as emcee, were undaunted.

"This proposal would change our constitution and tell people how to plan their families," Skorman said. "We've defeated this before. Let's stop it for good so that we don't have to keep doing this."

Rosemary Harris Lytle, national PR coordinator for the 9to5 National Association of Working Women and president of the Colorado Springs branch of the NAACP, gave a stirring speech with the recurring theme: "We deserve better than this."

"This is an attack on low-income women and families at risk," Lytle said, elaborating how 62 would prevent all abortions (even in cases of rape and incest) and life-saving procedures on pregnant mothers in hospitals, as well as most (if not all) forms of contraception.

Shelby Knox, a nationally known proponent of comprehensive sex education from Lubbock, Texas, called the amendment an attempt "by extremists to control women's lives."

Aside from Enyart, Amendment 62 supporters including well-known local activist Father Bill Carmody held up signs on the periphery and/or distributed leaflets, all peacefully. Several of the pro-62 attendees actually came up to speakers afterward and apologized for Enyart's behavior. But none of the 62 supporters made any attempt to accost or stifle Enyart.

At the end, when state Sen. John Morse was introduced as the final speaker, Enyart and others with "Yes on 62" signs actually hijacked the rostrum, though the sound amplifier was then turned off.

As Enyart continued his shouts, opponents of 62 began responding with their own chant: "Don't hate women."

As he left without speaking for a meeting in Denver, Morse said, "That's just the kind of wackiness that we're up against. But that's OK."

The anti-62 coalition includes medical-profession groups such as the Colorado Medical Society, religious leaders, attorneys and women's organizations.


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Scientists now understand that an the abortion causes the breast cancer rates to skyrocket by forty percent. The abortion industry fails to give that information to women. During each monthly menstrual cycle, a woman is exposed to increased estrogen levels, especially just before an egg is produced by her ovaries (ovulation). During pregnancy, women have prolonged exposure to high levels of estrogens. If a woman gives birth before 32 weeks, or has an induced abortion, she will have an increased risk of breast cancer because of increased estrogen exposure without the protective effect of lobule differentiation. Her breasts are left with more places for breast cancers to start (see illustration in chapter 5).---

Posted by truthtrecker on 09/24/2010 at 7:18 AM

Do shut up. You are obviously not trained in medicine, so stop pretending that you are.

Posted by stricken on 09/24/2010 at 8:05 AM

Stop killing kids!

Posted by Jimmy on 09/24/2010 at 8:44 AM

Okay, and what about how the creator designed a woman's body to abort a deformed or dead embryos? Does this make God a murderer? No! It is this way in all mammals. It is to PROTECT THE MOTHER! Antiabortionist keep telling us that we are killing babies, but what about the health and welfare of the woman? Why is a fetus more valuable than a grown adult woman. Isn't she a human life worth protecting? IT SHOULD ALWAYS BE A WOMAN'S CHOICE ON WHAT TO DO ABOUT HER HEALTH ISSUES!

Posted by gurudori on 09/24/2010 at 10:57 AM

Circle signs look cool, others are square.

Posted by searchPersonhoodTV on 09/25/2010 at 8:02 AM

truthtrecker: The quote you give is junk science from an "institute" created by and staff by religious people... interesting how these bcp people admitted they were "shut down" at a National Cancer Institute conference. They seem to recommend lots of pregnancies as a preventive measure, which is blantantly false. Like fake "crisis pregnancy centers," this site appears to be another calculated measure to trick women. Apparently, in antichoice circles lying is not considered an equal "sin" to abortion, even though abortion is NOT mentioned in the Bible, while LYING is mentioned numerous times (the lake of fire & brimstone ring any bells?).

Posted by Abelman on 09/25/2010 at 8:07 AM

I approached Enyart after the rally on Thursday and asked him how he could support an amendment that prevented medical care to a woman with an ectopic pregnancy or suffering from HELLP Syndrome(which he obviously was not educated on at all), and his reply to me was that I should know that ectopic pregnancies can be treated and that a "real doctor" can "move the baby back to the right place", how do you argue with that kind of ignorance? This man has an obvious lack of education and it is terribly scary to think that he speaks for any woman. I was also approached by a female supporter of 62 at the rally when I stated that I support NO on 62 due to the death of my sister as a result of severe Pre-Eclampsia in 2001 and that I would not stand to see any woman be denied medical attention in such crisis. She responded that my sister "deserved to die since she was having pre-marital sex". And this statement was said while holding a "protect life" poster. Nice. Very Christian-like.

Posted by laineymc on 09/25/2010 at 9:47 AM

FYI: The Coalition for Secular Government recently published a policy paper by Ari Armstrong and me on Colorado's Amendment 62 and similar "personhood" measures: "The 'Personhood' Movement Is Anti-Life: Why It Matters that Rights Begin at Birth, Not Conception."

You can find the PDF, HTML, and E-Book versions via this page:

The paper discusses the current state of the growing "personhood" movement, as well as the effects of a "personhood" law on abortion, birth control, in vitro fertilization, and stem-cell research. It offers a strong defense of abortion rights, arguing that the nature of rights and the biological facts of pregnancy entail that rights cannot begin until birth. And it discusses why "personhood" measures violate the separation of church and state.

Posted by DianaHsieh on 09/25/2010 at 4:01 PM

Here is a TV report on the rally:

Posted by searchPersonhoodTV on 09/25/2010 at 10:30 PM

Stop killing kids!

Posted by dreadhelm on 09/26/2010 at 7:23 AM

If the preborn can be deemed unworthy of life then the already born can as well. The culture of death will not stop in the womb. One day you may find yourself deemed too useless to continue to live by some bureaucrat and doctor whether you want to continue living or not. Be careful what you wish for.

Posted by wholearmor on 09/28/2010 at 1:31 PM

Didn't we vote on this issue last time? Why is it even on the ballot...AGAIN? Are they just going to keep trying even though the people have already spoken on this ridiculous issue?

Posted by Oneida1520 on 10/07/2010 at 1:03 PM

If abortion was illegal there would be more crime and more of these teabagger crazies running around.

Posted by Daytripper on 10/07/2010 at 1:57 PM

It's funny how many people are against the Health Care Reform because they don't want the governments hands in their health care. So why is it okay then for these same people to believe that abortion should be illegal? Is that not having the governments hand in our health care choices? This is not an easy decision for a woman/family to make, and to condemn them for that choice is simply wrong. I am a proud christian and for those who use the bible as their platform to spout hate and judgement, shame on you! If men could have babies, would this even be on the table? Just a thought....

Posted by mystjen2 on 10/07/2010 at 3:35 PM

FEED AND EDUCATE THE CHILDREN ALREADY BORN! How come anti-abortionists don't have food drives for all of the hungry children in this great nation? How come they don't volunteer and donate their money to schools so we can educate all of God's children? How come they aren't adopting all of the unwanted children? How come they don't seem to care that poor, uneducated children deserve to have a life of quality? FEED AND EDUCATE THE CHILDREN ALREADY BORN!

Posted by gurudori on 10/07/2010 at 3:37 PM

I want a new ballot question... I want to start a ballot initiative for the following:

Since the 'personhood' measure has already been DEFEATED here in CO, it will be DISALLOWED from EVER coming to vote AGAIN. The people have spoken. That's that.

Seriously, can we not organize something to this effect????? I am really tired of the media coverage it's giving these wack-job extremists who are nothing more than deranged misogynists.

Posted by cookinmama on 10/19/2010 at 9:22 PM

i myself am against this "amendment" not only becouse it would take away a women and her families choice but i have lived with knowing the fact that if this amendment was to pass my birth mother and my older sister would be forced to have children they dont want and are incable of taking care of phisaclly or mentally and i also know the point of view from a raped women for i am one and have known others that were forced to keep thier children and how it ruined them and i would hate to have the law force that onto any other women.

Posted by Blackfoot Lioness on 10/25/2010 at 10:53 AM

i agree with stricken about truthtrecker

Posted by Blackfoot Lioness on 10/25/2010 at 10:55 AM
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