'Dispensary ban will backfire,' says City Councilor

Posted by Bryce Crawford on Fri, Aug 13, 2010 at 12:36 PM

Medical marijuana center bans have been much on our minds lately, with Let Us Vote COS attempting, and failing, to meet deadlines, and the El Paso Board of County Commissioners deciding to postpone its decision on whether to refer an MMC ban to the ballot.

So it's in this climate that City Councilor Sean Paige weighs in on his blog for Local Liberty Online, and says that banning centers will do nothing but harm. Paige has long been an advocate for MMJ in the city and, along with Councilor Tom Gallagher, was instrumental in the early days of its task force creation.

An excerpt:

The legal arguments for a dispensary ban were never very strong, but they were undermined considerably by muddle-headed legislators (led by some from El Paso County) who, as typical politicos, wanted to have it both ways. HB-1284, the "fix" that made matters worse, legitimized the dispensary model with one hand, while allowing local governments to ban them with the other, mailing out an engraved invitation to the sorts of legal challenges we're seeing in Westminster. If dispensaries are allowed, they must be constitutional. And if they are constitutional, banning them, even by a vote, would be unconstitutional.

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Thank you Sean Page for being a voice of reason for the Springs. Will you be running for Mayor? If so, you have our votes.

Thank you Bryce for sharing with the community the good, and honest information.
We see such a negative slant in so much of the media. Hopefully soon the majority of citizens will begin to see that marijuana is harmful like we have been lead to believe, and citizens using it are not causing trouble. I think that they are also starting to see it is creating revenue, and new jobs, for the cities, and state.

Let's Us Vote To Legalize it!

Posted by WhiteRabbit on 08/14/2010 at 8:30 AM
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